Monday, November 5, 2012

The Legend of Corn Bird

My second novel, The Legend of Corn Bird is available on Amazon Kindle today! I am pretty excited!
As I was raising three little boys I would look out my window and into the woods and I realized, if I were dropped into the wilderness, I would die of starvation. Even though I KNOW the Native Americans lived right here, right in this spot, just a few centuries ago.
So, I took a modern American woman and dropped her into the wilderness of 1690. Her trials and adaptations are the subject of my novel, "The Legend of Corn Bird".

As a history buff, I loved immersing myself in the research of the Indians of southern Michigan. I traveled to bigger libraries and read the Jesuit Relations; to get a window into the native tribes as they were viewed before their culture was spoiled by the influx of European settlers.
This book was super fun to write and I hope people enjoy a good read.

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